Box of damaged Acrylic

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This package will be nearly 4 inches thick. Quantity will vary due to varying thicknesses as this package will consist of a combination of any of the products we sell. 

***Due to the fact these are damaged and heavily discounted, returns are not accepted***

The listing picture is not an accurate representation of the contents of these packages, it is meant for showing variety and potential products. 

Sheets are typically 12”x19” with a cut tolerance of +/- 1/4”

This product is sold in As-is condition 

This is a box if random sheets of acrylic with some level of damage.

Damage can range from a small tear in the paper masking to a physical scratch or chipped corner.

Usually one whole side is damage free so these are great for signs or beginners wanting to learn!

**By purchasing this product you are agreeing that you are aware that the materials have some level of damage**

These are heavily discounted.

The acrylic contained in each package will vary in color, thickness, etc.

Acrylic contained in each package can range from 


Will include a variety of 



Mirrors (extruded acrylic)



*** Pictures represent potential damage to materials you may receive but does not reflect the actual contents of each damage box. ***