St. Patrick’s Day Bundle pack

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💚St. Patrick’s Day Bundle Pack 💚


18 pieces of acrylic that you will fall in love with! The perfect box for your crafting projects. This pack is available in half sheets (12"x9.5") and full sheets (12"x19"), please pay attention when making your selection.


The full size sheets will fit glowforge and other similar sized or larger lasers while the half sheets will fit the beamo lasers!


Half sheets (12"x9.5") $99 ($111 value)


Full sheets (12"x19") $199 ($221 value)


All sheets are 1/8" thick

Dark green glitter

White 7508

Fluorescent green 9093

Frosted Emerald

Gold glitter

Black glitter

Fluorescent yellow 9097

Green 2108

Green holographic flake

Yellow 2037

Peridot green glitter

Transparent yellow 2208

Gold mirror

Transparent green 2092

Frosted kiwi

Black 2025

Frosted lemon

Orange 2119